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In 1934, a young man started his career in tailoring in the city of Porto, Portugal. It was the moment when this long journey began.

This young man, Manuel Prata, was a tailor all his life and trained some of his children in tailoring. From this knowledge until the founding of new factories, it was a natural process, in which each son defined his career, but always close to the family.

In early 1981, the fifth son of the Prata couple, Emanuel Prata, started his own business. He gave it the name Prata & Borges. Today, that same business is called Daily Day Studios.

In 2011, the third generation of the Pratas took over the management of the family business. The modernization and internationalization process begins, reaching the best markets in Europe and North America.

In 2014, Daily Day brand is registered. Is the time to design and produce our own collections. The following year, the brand's first store is opened in Porto.

Currently, the Daily Day team has about 60 people, dedicated and experienced - creating, producing and selling Daily Day goods.

All Daily Day products are made in Portugal.